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 Coastal Training Program
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Wells Reserve, Maine
Wells CTP
  Wells CTP is applying groundbreaking research on collaborative learning to bridge the barriers between municipal, state and federal water program managers in southern Maine through the “Protecting Our Children’s Water” project. The project values the differences between groups and uses them as a resource to tackle important coastal resource issues. This effort has resulted in the creation of watershed councils working to implement actions to solve common problems.  
Padilla Bay, Washington
Padilla Bay CTP
  Padilla Bay CTP uses a "course catalog" approach to provide professional training classes targeting key audiences in Washington State. One audience, shoreline planners are under tremendous pressure from developers and homeowners to accurately determine the location of the ordinary high water mark. Training provided by the CTP provides these planners with a common language, more accurate determinations and improved relations with state regulatory authorities.  
Weeks Bay, Alabama
Weeks Bay CTP
  Weeks Bay CTP places a high priority on support local and regional communities in addressing the potentially damaging effects of stormwater runoff. Specialized training workshops target the needs of specific audiences. Partnerships developed at these workshops led participants to develop environmental policies and legislation to address stormwater management. Recently, these partnerships led to the passage of a legislation creating a stormwater authority with Baldwin County, AL.  
     The Coastal Training Program provides up-to-date scientific information and skillbuilding opportunities to individuals who are responsible for making decisions that affect coastal resources. Through this program, National Estuarine Research Reserves can ensure that coastal decision-makers have the knowledge and tools they need to address critical resource management issues of concern to local communities. Coastal Training Programs offered by reserves focus on issues such as stormwater management, community development, restoration science, land use planning and others.     
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