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Coastal Training at Tijuana River Reserve
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Tijuana River CTP Established: 2005
Select CTP Partners
University of California - San
Wild Coast
Coast Keeper
Iberoamericana University
City of Tijuana
Municipal Planning Institute
   of Tijuana
Tijuana River Web Link
"...The CTP initiatives represent innovative approaches that translate science into policy making and its commitment to promote environmentally sustainable and binational ground breaking projects and maintain the integrity of the crown jewel of the Southern California Wetlands."

-Workshop Participant
Tijuana River CTP supports coastal decision-makers by providing alternative solutions to address the environmental degradation caused from excess accumulation of sediment and erosion pollutants that flow into the Tijuana River Estuary.  CTP has promoted the development of state legislation, city ordinances and wetland management plans through its bi-national efforts. 
Training Events & Audiences

Water Harvesting Workshop
   Citizens, students, NGOs, academic and government staff
Climate Change and Environmental Impacts
   University students, academic staff, NGOs, citizens
Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives
   Academic staff, NGOs, government agency staff, citizens

Last Updated on: Monday, April 30, 2012
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