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NERRS Strategic Plan

Protected Place
More than half of the Nation’s population lives in coastal communities. Reserves are community resources where people can appreciate, understand, and learn about how to protect estuaries and coastal

GOAL: NERRS education and training increases participants’ environmental lit¬eracy and ability to make
science-based decisions related to estuaries and coastal watersheds.
  1. Enhance the capacity and skills of teachers and students to understand and use NERRS data and information for inquiry-based learning.
  2. Increase estuary literacy and promote active stewardship among public audiences through the development and delivery of tools and programs addressing climate change, habitat protection, and water quality.
  3. Improve the capacity and skills of coastal decision makers to use and apply science-based information in decisions that affect estuaries and coastal watersheds.
  1. Provide place-based educational experiences that facilitate hands-on exploration of estuary environments.
  2. Include relevant estuarine research and data in reserve professional training and education programs.
  3. Implement teacher training programs using Estuary 101 curricula.
  4. Expand training for coastal decision makers focused on climate change, habitat protection, and water quality issues.

Last Updated on: Friday, April 15, 2011
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