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NERRS Strategic Plan

Protected Place
Reserves are living laboratories to explore, study, and investigate the natural world and the communities around them. Researchers and community members can access real-time data and use reserves as platforms to answer important environmental questions.

GOAL: NERRS scientific investigations improve understanding and inform decisions affecting estuaries and coastal watersheds.
  1. Expand capacity to monitor changes in water quality and quantity, habitat, and biological indicators in response to land use and climate change drivers.
  2. Improve understanding of the effects of climate change and coastal pollution on estuarine and coastal ecology, ecosystem processes, and habitat function.
  3. Characterize coastal watersheds and estuary ecosystems and quantify ecosystem services to support ecosystem-based management of natural and built communities
  4. Increase social science research and use of social information to foster coastal stewards that value and protect estuaries.
  1. Lead Reserve-based collaborative projects that connect scientists with intended users from problem definition through implementation.
  2. Generate and disseminate periodic data syntheses and analyses of water quality and habitat change and the effects of climate change and other stressors at local and regional scales.
  3. Implement monitoring and research projects that use reserves as sentinel sites for detecting and understanding the effects of sea level change and other climate change effects on estuaries.
  4. Develop and implement strategies that build reserve capacity to conduct and use social science to address coastal management issues.

Last Updated on: Friday, April 15, 2011
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