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NERRS Strategic Plan
Protected Places

Protected Place
The Reserve System is a place-based network of 28 protected areas located along the Nation’s coasts,
including the Great Lakes. Reserves protect more 1.3 million acres of habitat in estuaries and coastal watersheds.

GOAL: Estuaries and coastal watersheds are better protected and managed by implementing place-based approaches at Reserves.
  1. Increase permanent protection and restoration of key areas in reserve watersheds to improve coastal habitat quantity, quality, and resiliency to climate change impacts.
  2. Develop, demonstrate, and evaluate tools and practices at reserves that advance progress on habitat
    protection, water quality, and climate change impacts.
  3. Expand biogeographic representation of the Nation’s estuaries in the Reserve System by designating new reserves.
  1. Demonstrate best practices in land and estuarine stewardship and climate change adaptation at reserve properties and facilities.
  2. Identify, prioritize, and implement land acquisition and habitat restoration projects taking into account climate change impacts.
  3. Implement engagement programs to promote estuarine resource stewardship.
  4. Designate new reserves in unrepresented biogeographic subregions and states as resources permit.

Last Updated on: Friday, April 15, 2011
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